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Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion or moxa can greatly activate the acupuncture points to improve energy flow to the meridians and to the local area. It can also correct imbalances of Yin and Yang.

Moxibustion is a therapeutic technique generally used in conjunction with acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and Chinese herbal medicine. Moxa mugwort (Chinese wormwood, Artemisia vulgaris) is burned directly over the skin at acupuncture points. Practitioners use moxa to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation throughout the points to induce a smoother flow of blood and qi. The technique employs burning moxa and there are a number of methods for this.

Unfortunately, due to fire regulations and building insurance restrictions, this is not a technique I employ within my clinical practice. I do however provide advice and guidance on the use of moxibustion for my patients, and I do carry a limited amount of moxibustion supplies which are available for sale to my patients. Please refer to Moxibustion for more detail.

Bernadette Yu provides Moxibustion Therapy to clients across Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Burlington, Milton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Bernadette Yu - Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist also provides Acupuncture TreatmentTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Bioenergetic / Biomeridian TestingNutritional Counselling, and much more!

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