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Medicinal Liquors

Herbal wine is more potent than herbal decoction. Alcohol is used to dissolve and to bring all active ingredients of herbs to the area of the body where immediate treatment is required.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, therapeutic tinctures are often made by using alcohol as a solvent to extract the active ingredients of plants and allow them to keep for a longer period of time. Most medicated liquors are taken orally, while some are for external use. These herbal tinctures have been an integral part of Chinese medicinal therapy for thousands of years with records of medicated wine having been found inscribed on oracle bones from the Shang Dynasty (16th -11th century BC) – some of the earliest records of medical compounds ever found.

Medicated liquor is easily absorbed, the alcohol promotes blood circulation and the medicinal compounds can be absorbed quickly by the patient’s body. These are not off-the-shelf remedies – making medicated liquors does require some time, as the herbs selected are specific to the patient and the patient's condition – and the herbs must be steeped in the alcohol for some time before use. I prescribe medicated liquors only after discussion with the patient on this type of treatment. For more information, refer to Chinese Medicated Liquors.

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