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Foods for Healing

Chinese Medicated Diet Or Dietary Therapy utilizes food with or without herbal medicine to promote health, delay aging, prevent and treat medical diseases.

As with other components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Medicated Diet has a long history dating back to remote antiquity. Healing foods are viewed as equal to medicine, performing the same function in nourishing and healing the body and preventing illness. Most medicinal herbs used in the chinese medicated diet are quite mild, but have a good effects on disease cure and prevention and as a general health tonic.

Chinese medicated diet plans are prepared using Chinese herbs, foods and condiments that prevent and cure illness and fortify one’s energy. The healing properties of chinese herbal medicine are combined with the enjoyment of food to make these diet plans an enjoyable way of restoring one’s health. The key message of the chinese medicated diet and the TCM approach to nutrition is the fact that an optimal universal diet does not exist. Rather, an individual diet must be designed for each person based on his or her constitution, lifestyle, environment, climate, and season. The main goal is to use food and medicinal herbs integrated into food as a means to achieve balance and harmony within the body.

Where appropriate to a patient's treatment and lifestyle, I may recommend the integration of chinese medicinal herbs into the patient's diet. For further information, please refer to TCM Medicated Diet.

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