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Your initial consultation will usually take up to one and a half hours (Follow up consultations are likely to last about 45 minutes). During this time, Bernadette will ask you a number of questions and invite you to discuss your concerns and any health issues. With your permission, Bernadette will also perform a 60 point Meridian functional assessment. A typical Nutritional Counselling Session includes:

  • Identifying your personal concerns and goals
  • An assessment of your current diet, eating/meal schedule, portion size, food preferences, current nutritional supplementation (if any) and any medication use
  • An evaluation of your lifestyle, health concerns, risk factors for disease and any symptoms
  • A 60 point Bioenergetic functional assessment to identify and pinpoint any energy imbalances
  • A review of the results of your assessment and any nutritional concerns or imbalances
  • The preparation of a personal Nutrition Plan based on the results from your assessment. This plan may include specific food recommendations (what to eat and drink, what to avoid eating and drinking), recommendations on supplements such as Vitamins, Minerals or Digestive enzymes and how and when to take, in what combinations, and an outline of what these are intended to address. This plan will be created for you personally based on the results of your assessment. We are all unique individuals and no plan will be identical, even where the same issues and concerns are exhibited.

Subsequent follow-up consultations can build on your earlier sessions and increase your chances of success. In follow up sessions we will carry out an in-depth review of your progress, decide how well your plan is working for you and make modifications based on your current state. Follow-up consultations may also include further Bioenergetic assessments to review the impact of your nutritional changes on your body's energy meridian balance.

If your goals are simple, one appointment may be all you need. However, if your objective is to address existing health issues or concerns through nutritional therapy, repeat visits may be necessary as your body responds to your therapy. Clients have the best results when their follow up visits are scheduled within two months.

You should be aware that nutritional therapy is a slow process – it can take some time to address the impact of years of consuming toxic food, additives, chemicals and absorbing environmental poisons. Your body will need time to heal itself. You should also be aware that nutritional therapy is not a temporary or fad diet. It is a lifestyle change, and if you want to maintain your health at an optimal level, it is a lifestyle change that will last the rest of your life.

Bernadette Yu - registered holistic nutritionist in Mississauga, ON provides nutritional counselling to clients across Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Burlington, Milton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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To know more about Nutritional Counselling, call me on (416) 722-8813 or email at BernadetteYuWellness@gmail.com