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When food is cooked or processed the natural enzymes are destroyed? This puts the full digestive burden on your body. As you age you use up your supply of digestive enzymes. Research proves that individuals over 30 have lower quantities of digestive enzymes than younger people do. This means that digestion becomes more difficult and fraught with symptoms such as indigestion, bloating, constipation, heartburn, or even more serious conditions such as IBS, colitis, or Crohn's Disease. Taking digestive enzymes may help your body efficiently digest your food. Combine with more raw foods in your diet and you will have more energy than you have had for years.

There is a “supposed” link between smoking and cancer, right? Did you know that smoking also interferes with your body’s ability to use nutrients? Smokers can benefit by improving their diet to include more fruits and vegetables, which contain a balance of antioxidants and other nutritional benefits, like fiber and carotenoids. Smokers can also take vitamin C supplements. However, no regimen of diet or supplementation can make up for the adverse consequences of smoking. If you smoke, you need to eat even healthier than a non-smoker just to get the same nutrients. To help your body’s use of nutrients, drink green tea, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and take vitamin C and vitamin E supplements.

High cholesterol is bad for you. It raises your chances of getting cardiovascular disease and having a heart attack. Did you know that in North America one in two adults are either on the verge or actually do have high cholesterol? Both nutritional changes and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you reduce your high cholesterol quickly and safely.

The shape of your body is 80% nutrition, 10% physical activity and 10% genetic?

Sound nutritional choices and practices provide the basis for improved digestion, increased energy levels, an effectively functioning immune system, a healthy pregnancy, weight management, ongoing detoxification, as well as heightened protection against any number of diseases and chronic illnesses.

The slower you eat, the more nutritional value you get from your food.

The average person will consume over 45 tons of food during the course of their life? Your body, and in particular, your liver has to detoxify all the junk that is put into it. Good nutrition is something to take advantage of – your body needs all the help it can get!

Did you know that

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